the Academy for the Study of Religion launched

A new theology school, the Academy for the Study of Religion, was launched at a ceremony held at the Regional Headquarters of the University of the West Indies on the Mona Campus last month.The academy, according to its founder and Chief Executive Officer Phyllis Green, is a non-religious, nonsectarian, non-denominational entity that will offer an online learning platform and mobile application on numerous nuances of religious studies.

"The academy offers multiple disciplinary approaches, which include cognitive sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, psychology, religious studies, and the other humanities, in general, to the study of religion," said Green. "We believe that this will aid in expanding and improving understanding and interpretations of religious behaviour, beliefs, and experiences."



Green said that it is the academy's mandate to be inclusive, and it will look into the study of religion and its effects on such things as socio-cultural behaviour, politics, family life, population health, economic development, social conflict as well as cognitive and personal development.

The event was attended by a wide cross-section of persons, including several representatives of the Jamaica Council for Inter-Faith Fellowship (JCFIF).

In her presentation, Stacey Mitchell, acting general secretary of the JCFIF, said that the council would support and collaborate in fostering harmony, cooperation, and joint action among all faith traditions in Jamaica.

Myrna Hague-Bradshaw and the ASHE performing group provided entertainment.

Further information about the academy may be obtained from its website at or via email

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